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a theory that says society has 4 stages of approx 20 yrs: High (strong institutions; low individualism), Awakening (strong activism & art), Unraveling (distrusted institutions; strong individualism), and Crisis (destroy institutions for national survival). We’re in the Crisis stage.

Read it all at this SOURCE Oh, Jefferson did say we should never go more than twenty years without a Revolution.

~ Washington could be compared to an Adult movie theater; many less than appealing actions take place everyday. We know they take place…and we are happy to not see them taking place. President Trump’s office term is comparable to taking a black light to the movie theater – all of a sudden the proof of actions blaze clear as day. For many the actions seem so disturbing they can’t possibly be true. And they wish they could turn off the light once again, so to return to their life of oblivious direction. If you wants the black light turned off by all means, vote for the pedophile or the communist. But if you want to see how deep the despicability goes… vote for President Trump in 2020. It will be uncomfortable, hateful actions most definitely will occur….and the truth will be known. One word of caution…with the lights off it is much easier to slip in something nasty. There’s plenty of slippery nastiness in Washington. 2020, keep the black light on!~