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What do the Lear Jet and the 8-track have in common?

Both invented by Bill Lear. He invented the 8-track for his jets. Then they were adopted for automobile and home use.

U.S. Bombs Iraq in Retaliation for Bush Assassination Attempt

June 26, 1993

Nine civilians are killed when U.S. forces launch a missile attack at Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad. The attack was in retaliation for an alleged Iraqi plot to kill former U.S. President George H. W. Bush during his visit to Kuwait the previous April. On orders by President Bill Clinton, the U.S. launched 23 Tomahawk cruise missiles from two U.S. Navy warships. Secretary of Defense, Les Aspin, stated, “What we’re doing is sending a message against the people who were responsible for planning this operation… (If) anybody asks the same people to do it again, they will remember this message.”

10,000 Gather to Watch After Newspapers Announce a Black Man Will Lynched for Dating White Girl

June 26, 1919

Newspapers announce that John Hartfield was going to be lynched in Mississippi for dating a white girl. Ten thousand people gathered to watch while he was hanged, shot, and burned. The townspeople took pieces of his corpse as souvenirs.
In 1919, Hartfield, now living in East St. Louis, Illinois, was visiting his hometown of Ellisville, Mississippi to see his girlfriend who lived there. When the relationship was discovered by a group of white men, they accused him of raping her. The also claimed she was only 18, when in fact she was in her mid-twenties. Hartfield managed to evade the men for several weeks while they hunted him. During the search, a sheriff from a neighboring county took up donations to fund a hunting party with bloodhounds. Hartfield was eventually captured while trying to board a train and turned over to the local sheriff, who then turned him over the deputy. The deputy agreed to turn him over to the mob at 4 p.m. The local newspapers ran articles saying “John Hartfield will be lynched by Ellisville mob at 5:00 this afternoon” and “The officers have agreed to turn him over to the people of the city at 4 o’clock this afternoon when it is expected he will be burned”. A crowd of over 10,000 people gathered to watch as Hartfield was hanged from a tree and then his body was riddled with bullets. After his body was cut down, he was then cut up for souvenirs. Photo postcards of the event were sold afterwards. The Governor refused to intervene stating “This is a white man’s country, with a white man’s civilization and any dream on the part of the Negro race to share social and political equality will be shattered in the end”.

PS….the governor was a DEMOCRAT! Democrat Theodore G. Bilbo.

The Universal Product Code is scanned for the first time to sell a package of Wrigley’s chewing gum at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio

On this day in 1974

On this date in 1975 Cher divorces Sonny Bono.