Toilet Tissue from The Carol Burnett Show

Our leaders are creating an economic crisis and a major national security risk with limited data. The cure is far worse than any perceived impact by COVID-19. Our economy is both fragile and interdependent, an economic reality not understood by our leaders as they order mass closings of many states’ business and industry.

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Looks like the rumor mill was correct about street drugs . .

The Magic Box

If we don’t do it, no one will

The Clusterf**k President Trump Inherited

A most unusual island!

Located over a thousand miles from the nearest landmass, Tristan da Cunha is really remote.This little group of isolated islands is surrounded by miles and miles of the South Atlantic Ocean. It’s 1,750 miles away from the coast of South Africa and 1,500 miles from the nearest landmass, making it the most remote inhabited island group on earth. There are six total islands there: Tristan Da Cunha (the main island), the aptly-named Inaccessible Island, Nightingale Island, Middle, Stoltenhoff and Gough.