Under Pressure from the Ignoratti

The insanity continues. The sane people are gradually giving up, hoping that the loons will just go away if they get this or that. Ain’t gonna happen.

The assault on statues rages here and abroad, especially in the UK. As I noted before, there is no appeasing the enraged mob. All the magnificent history of the West must be examined though the lens of today’s wokeness. There is no reasoning. Slavery, we are told, is a Western invention; the even more ignorant of the ignoratti even tells us that it was an American invention and that the USA was founded on slavery. The fact that slavery predates America by thousands of years, and that it was practiced in biblical and even pre-biblical times is irrelevant. The ignoratti can provide no rational explanation for how black slaves got to the Americas. Who sold them initially? Who captured these unfortunates? There is no demand for reparations for the descendants of slaves from the Muslim world or from the black nations of Africa, all of them involved in slavery and its greatest practitioners. Slavery and the slave trade, in fact, still exist in much of the Muslim world.

And, what is the response to this Nazi-like book burning? Tear down the “offensive” monuments and put them in a museum–that is the “compromise” our timid leaders offer the mob. In a museum? Really? How long before they go for the museums? What museum director will stand up to the mob? Defund museums to white supremacy! I can see it now. When will we be forced to rename our capital? Remove Washington from the dollar bill? And on, and on, and on.

I live in a part of the country where many of the old British colonial names remain. Will those have to go, too? There is a major road named for a British general from the War of Independence. Outrageous! Strike down the offending road signs! No tributes to colonialism! The ignoratti must be appeased! Nothing is too absurd in our times.

We see no mention by the ignoratti and their media echo chamber that white men put an end to slavery. The Royal Navy, for example, gets no credit for its energetic efforts to suppress the slave trade. We see no mention of the hundreds-of-thousands of white men, including President Lincoln, who died in the American civil war to preserve a slave-free union.

This brings us to the Juneteenth holiday about which so much is now spoken. How many of the ignoratti “marchers” had even heard of the events in Texas of June 19, 1865, much less understood its context and meaning? Now the demand has gone forth, and it will succeed, for a federal holiday to commemorate June 19. I have no problem commemorating great events in history (June 6, D-Day, anyone?), but how will this one be portrayed? What will be the narrative? Will credit for bringing news of the end of slavery go to white General Granger who landed in Texas and issued General Order No. 3 “reminding” slave owners in Texas of the Emancipation Proclamation issued by white Republican President Lincoln ending slavery in all states in rebellion? I doubt it. I doubt it very much. Soon we will learn that a black transgender woman actually wrote and issued the order.

Police brutality: another of the themes now bandied about. Does police brutality exist? Yes. I, my very self with my own very eyes, have seen it, for example, in Guyana, France, Bolivia, China, and Spain, among other places. Does it exist in places such as the US, the UK, or Australia? I am sure there are valid examples; is that the norm for police behavior? Doubt it very much. So while any institution can use genuine reform, it is not a good idea to launch such reforms under the pressure of the ignoratti lynch mob. In America, we see well-meaning Republicans, for example, offering up legislation to alter this or that police practice. Do they really think that will appease the mob? No, of course not. It will not. Such gestures signal weakness, the same sort of weakness that allows a mob in Seattle, once one of the world’s great and beautiful cities, to occupy and vandalize a chunk of the downtown area, and terrorize the citizens who pay taxes to the city not to be terrorized.

A small, loud minority is terrifying the West. Where is the reaction? Where are the leaders and pundits who will speak the unvarnished truth to and about this lynch mob?

Almost certainly this little meaningless blog will get deplatformed–I got booted from Twitter, and have learned that I cannot run advertisements here because of some unspecified “violation” of Google’s “terms of service.” The other shoe will drop; no doubt. But we have to continue to get the word out, to wit, the West is the Best. Our history is a magnificent one, and one that has brought unparalleled advancement to all of the world. That is why the world wants to live in the West.

Do not apologize.

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