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A man once known as Eddie Brock, once the journalist at The Daily Bugle was a good person, who wanted to do good in the world. But after years of being a heroic reporter, he had a change of heart. He became a villain.

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Venom is a nickname for the personification of the negative emotions of paranoia and fear in the Spider-Man universe. He is a journalist and photographer who became obsessed with Spider-Man and his activities in New York City. He first appeared in the comic book Spider-Man: The New Avenger in 1985, as a minor villain who was sent to prison. But he later escaped and became a major foe of Spider-Man.

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Venom movie was a story of man who lost everything he loved, but found something new to take its place. The story of a man who would become something far worse than a monster. The story of a man who would become a Super Villain.

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