“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do children of humans as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
by Helen Keller



No, not MY pipeline.

There’s a virtual pipeline in America that funnels fodder into the sports-industrial complex to provide the ‘circuses’ part of the bread and circuses that make our society function.

Kids typically enter one end of the funnel in youth sports at an early age – Little League baseball, Pop Warner or PeeWee football, that sort of thing.  Somewhere around middle school the gummint takes over with sports programs under the auspices of the ‘education’ system.

By high school, stand-outs are being noted and recruited for the next stage, college sports.  Here’s where big money starts showing up.  We’re not talking about the paltry money spent on high school football stadiums and gyms, we’re talking MILLIONS for sports complexes that seat nearly a hundred thousand and TV contracts worth untold millions.

The funnel narrows.  Out of the college programs, a few trickle out into professional sports.  Big Money.  Industrial-scale Big Money.

And COVID restrictions are plugging this pipeline.  Local school systems are cancelling fall programs.  NCAA programs are cancelling.  Players that can’t get on the field can’t demonstrate the skills that the professionals desire.  Pipeline plugged.

Add to that the fact that watching sports, an activity that once ALL of us could enjoy for a respite from partisan politics, is now a place to shove ‘wokeness’ such as “Black Lives Matter” down our throats for the privilege of watching multimillionaires play games for us.

Big Sports is dying.  I’m going to have trouble mourning.


US Seizes 4 Iranian Fuel Tankers En Route To Venezuela, Diverts To Houston



Your Good News of the Day: The 9th Circuit rules that the ban on possession of magazines that hold more than ten rounds of ammunition violates the 2nd Amendment.

However, there will be an appeal by the non-American California Secretary of State, and whether the decision stands will depend on which judges here it.  

At least it won’t go to a Hawaiian court.
But for sure it is a win for individual rights.


An Amazing Survivor


Social media is coming to the aid of Tianna Arata, a California-based Black Lives Matter organizer, who was arrested after a protest last month and is now facing some serious charges.

Arata was arrested by the San Luis Obispo police department on July 21 after she organized a protest that allegedly resulted in vandalism. The hashtag #FreeTianna has since gone viral.


The Attempted COVID Coup Of 2020


Now There’s No Denying It: Obama’s FBI Spied On Trump… Period


The Sino-Jewish war


Let’s Do A Fun & Lib Friday ~ Morning Edition


Never Forget That Congress Taking A Break Was More Important Than Providing Economic Relief For Millions Of Americans Financially Devastated By A Deliberate Shut Down Of The Economy


Media-whore Dr. Fauci disingenuously says aiming for herd immunity would lead to ‘enormous’ death toll

Hope the overblown hysteria was worth it


The entire restaurant industry is “on the brink” of economic collapse as COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions have cut sales nearly in half in some cities, according new figures released by the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

The group estimates that five out of six restaurants face permanent closure, and up to 16 million jobs could be lost.

Well-known TV chef Andrew Zimmern is behind a new TV ad detailing the restaurant industry’s politically-induced woes. The ad is narrated by Morgan Freeman who intones in that way of his that restaurants are “facing extinction.”

This comes as no surprise. The restaurant industry has high fixed costs and razor-thin profit margins typically not much better than 3%.

Already successful restauranteurs will take hits, sure, but it’s the mom & pop places — and all the people they employ — whose businesses, savings, and dreams will be crushed by this economic collapse.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve” has morphed into “however long it takes to crush the economy.”

That’s not COVID-19. That’s your city or state government at work.

The destruction so wantonly wrought on this country by an unholy combination of power-drunk demi-tyrants, opportunistic Democrat-Socialist politicians, a wholly-complicit media establishment, and a fearful, easily-stampeded populace is way beyond criminal.


Why is it that any man can be kicked off campus when there is no evidence of any kind of crime but the universities tolerate every kind of intolerant, sick, outrageous and illegal behavior from their so-called students and nothing ever happens to any of them even if they light fires, rob, steal, vandalize, riot, take over buildings and destroy the image of the university? I think we might be getting back to the point where only people really interested in attending school will be allowed on campus because I expect to see scores of colleges close their doors forever as a result of the corona charade played out in this country since March. Those that remain aren’t going to have deep enough pockets to be able to afford to extend a helping hand to all the socialists, freeloaders, rioter-in-training and the rest of that ilk. They’re going to have to accept students who have the money to pay for college.

A lot of the schools were in financial trouble even before they kicked all the students off campus in response to a bug less dangerous to students than the usual annual flu. Having slit their own throats they found that it is impossible to get most of the kids to return in the fall and now some of them are finding their biggest source of income dried up when the NCAA encouraged participating schools to cancel their sports schedules. The bigger schools are going to lose tens of millions of dollars that they need to stay afloat. The state schools might make it because they figure the states have deep pockets.

One of the things all seem to not care about is the guys wearing the combat uniforms and blue or black union suits who carry guns, a.k.a the police. It’s marvelous how all these moronic leftist city council critters have decided to cave in to the demands of the still vile blm and antifa who demand massive reductions in police budgets and we see cities like Seattle and Portland and others slashing their police budgets and laying off hundreds of cops. What the press never seems to mention as this goes on is how the cities are forced to find huge budget cuts because their revenue streams dried up as they chose poorly in their response to the corona challenge and slammed the door on business who paid all kinds of taxes to the city and state and find that without letting them have customers and buyers, that that enormous source of free money is gone. Their spending for homeless services soared as they decided it made some kind of sense to put the homeless up in hotels that charge $175/night and the cities pay without demur.

I doubt one in a hundred of the citizens running the cities gave a second thought to what the downstream economic effects would be on them if they shut down business and industry on a massive scale and vastly increased their social services expenses. Losers.