Welcome To Plathville: Lydia Seemingly Jabs At Parent’s Divorce On IG

Fans of Welcome to Plathville feel that Lydia Plath is trying to jab her parents, Kim and Barry Plath, with an awkward social media post. During season 4, viewers have said the third eldest Plath daughter has become unbearable and she often acts like she is better than everyone else. Lydia just recently turned 18 and now feels like she understands the world as an adult. Welcome to Plathville fans have watched Lydia embrace blue jeans, a new job, and even a few crushes.

Throughout the season, Lydia has come off as holier than thou and she seems to feel superior to some of her siblings who have strayed from their religion. However, Lydia still lives under her parents’ roof and still has to abide by their rules. While her older siblings are out exploring life, Lydia often feels she has learned everything that she needs to know from her Lord, often forgetting she shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses.

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Welcome to Plathville viewers were surely taken aback after seeing Lydia’s recent Instagram story. Amid Kim and Barry’s divorce announcement that was only revealed less than a month ago, Lydia shared a photo of the two on what would have been their 25th wedding anniversary. The aspiring gospel singer wrote that she was thankful for her parents, and while the past few months have “not been easy,” she has learned a lot. Plath sibling Lydia shared with followers that life is constantly changing, and even though things are “crumbling” around her, she doesn’t have to.

Below the photo, she shared that she loves both her parents very much. The snap showed Lydia smiling with her mother, Kim, while Barry looked a bit confused in the background. However, the Welcome to Plathville star’s Instagram activity comes across as insensitive. Lydia’s parents are going through a trying time dealing with the end of their marriage. It appears as though Lydia might be trying to force some reconciliation between Kim and Barry, though all she did was probably make her parents sad.

Many Welcome to Plathville fans were saddened to hear that Kim and Barry were choosing to separate, since they seemed to have such a firm foundation. For the most part, the Plath children seem to be taking the news in stride as they figure out what their new normal may or may not look like. Lydia has been put in charge of taking care of the homestead and will most likely be the stand-in mom for Kim. Hopefully, Lydia’s post was just meant to lend support to her parents and not hurt their feelings.

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Source: Lydia Plath/Instagram

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Author: Jennifer O'Brien