We’re Not Gonna Take it

“This stimulus package is six trillion dollars. It’s either gonna be spent or borrowed or loaned into the economy. Six trillion dollars. There are one hundred million families. Divide six trillion by one hundred million families, is sixty thousand dollars per family. They’re offering twelve hundred dollar payments to each working adult (if they qualify) and then five hundred per child. A family might expect to get three thousand dollars, but sixty thousand dollars is going somewhere on their behalf. What is going on here? That’s like 95% of the money is going somewhere else. Where is it going? And who is going to be responsible for the sixty thousand? The taxpayer–and most of the taxes come from people not from companies–is gonna be on the hook for $60,000 yet they’re gonna receive at most maybe $3,000 of benefit from this. I’m saying this is the largest transfer of wealth in human history. It would make FDR blush, and the Roman Emperors would have no idea how to pull this off–this kind of plunder… For one half of one percent of what we’re spending in this bill you could test every American (for covid 19) and you could probably test them 10 times!”

— Congressman Thomas Massie

Gas hits $1.89 nationwide average, but you can get it for 79 cents in one state. SOURCE