What They Secretly Told Us During the Halftime Show (2020)

(Iowa City, IA) An Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Angel Alicea, was secretly recorded admitting to his frustrations of extreme political correctness taking place within the Warren Campaign.

Angel Alicea, who works out of the Warren Campaign Iowa office, says that although he cares about transgender people, Democrats are losing elections for prioritizing gender pronouns over economic issues.

The first Briton believed to have been diagnosed with coronavirus reckons he cured himself with “hot whisky and honey.”

Teacher Connor Reed, 25, told the Sun that he thought he was “going to die” when he was hospitalized two months ago in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the center of the outbreak that has killed more than 360 people.

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The same group that fell around 12,000 signatures short on a petition to keep permitless carry from becoming law plans to file a second petition to repeal the law.

Moms Demand Action and State Representative Jason Lowe made the announcement at a press conference at the capitol Monday morning. Lowe claims voters want a chance to repeal what he calls dangerous and an utter disaster.

CHICAGO — Weed was stolen from an amnesty box at Midway Airport, apparently by a traveler who reached in, grabbed it and left the airport.

The large blue boxes are meant to be safe spots where travelers can permanently give up their weed or other drugs before boarding a flight. They were installed shortly after Illinois legalized cannabis on Jan. 1 since traveling with the drug remains illegal.

PORTLAND, OR—The CDC has announced a full quarantine of Portland to prevent the spread of a dangerous virus known as communism. While communism has been around for a while, experts believe the 2020-Antifa strain could develop into the worst communism pandemic in decades.

“We are enforcing a ban on all travel in and out of Portland until a cure is found,” said one CDC official. “We simply can’t risk deadly viruses like communism spreading out into the world. Millions will die.”  FULL STORY>>>