What this country needs right now

You can buy land on Mars 

 The End of Minimalism/Keeping a cluttered house has long been considered a little tacky, a little weak. But now it’s looking very wise.

Fuji Bicycles’ parent BikeCo suspending sale of police bikes. Company did not like how some police were deploying their bicycles during a recent string of protests.

Canadian professor canned for opinion that biological sex is a real thing

 Cornell students demand Chemistry Prof. David Collum be fired for tweeting that Buffalo incident was not police brutality

 To save black children, abolish teachers unions

Never happen 

 Welcome to Maoist America

 Reebok Cuts Ties With Crossfit After CEO Tweets George Floyd “Joke”

They Blinded Us With “Science”. Throughout the pandemic, political leaders have consistently relied on questionable expert guidance—and ducked responsibility for their own choices.

Now they tell us:  Now WHO Claims Asymptomatic Transmission Of Wuhan Coronavirus Is ‘Very Rare’

 And Just Like That the Cure for COVID Was Unveiled – Massive Riots, Looting, Destruction in the Millions and Wholesale Persecution of Police

 Chicago Mayor Now Pleading With Walmart And Other Companies Not To Leave The City

Bush Aide: NYT Fabricated Trump Story

Fake news never ends 

 The Guard Is Always Changing at the New York Times


 Justice Is Coming: ‘As Many as 16-17’ Obamagate Criminal Referrals Headed to DOJ

The historic opportunity awaiting Trump to stabilize Iraq, eventually withdraw troops. The stakes are high for a strategic dialogue later this week between U.S. officials and new Iraqi prime minister

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