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Scrolling through the blogs this morning brought me to the comments section of this post at Theburningplatform.  In the comments section starfcker referenced a comment by FlGuy in this thread at  Theconservativetreehouse

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 FL_GUY says:
May 24, 2020 at 3:41 amAs the D-rats continue to push their SCAMdemic, I’ve been following the timeline and their actions.
Personally, I believe this virus was intentionally released and the people behind it thought it would be much more communicable and lethal than it actually turned out to be.
First, there are indications that the virus was released probably in Sept. It didn’t take off like they’d hoped so we had the WHO initially saying there was NOdemic. This gave months for the virus to spread and the Chinese made sure it spread. It was here since November for sure because I know of a person who had it at the end of November and another who had it at the end of December. I myself was exposed to it but I did not get it. Probably because I always take extra zinc, B6 and D3 along with my other vitamins and have for years.
So, after literally millions of people were exposed to the virus over the normal cold and flu season, the D-rat propaganda wing laughingly called the media swung into action and the virus became a PANdemic. And we have been relentlessly told that it is a lethal PANdemic. Only one problem. If it were really a PANdemic of a highly communicable and lethal illness, we wouldn’t need to be told; we would see evidence of it ourselves. No one had to tell people over the winter of 1917-1918 that there was a fatal pathogen going around. They could see it for themselves by the death tolls of family, friends and neighbors. But, since whoever released the virus was not getting the results, the propaganda wing went into action reporting like it was real.
Make no mistake, this virus variant is REAL and the usual people who are susceptible to those sorts of things, e.g. elderly and compromised immune system people, are at risk. However, the majority of the people are not at risk.
The real world example is the cruise ship with about 3,800 passengers trapped in a relatively small space with no real treatment at the time. Out of those 3,800 people, 702 came down with the virus and out of those 702 people, 7 died. Since the HCQ, zinc, z-pac protocol was not known at the time, you could say this group of people trapped on the cruise ship were a control group of test subjects. And the test showed that there was an approximately 20% infection rate and of the 702 people who got ill with the virus, a 1% fatality rate. That is no where near the Spanish Flu levels.
So, the embeds in the CDC, those who cried in the halls when the hag lost the 2016 election, created the SCAMdemic with the sole purpose of damaging President Trump’s re-election. The totally inane “social distancing” bullshit is aimed strictly at ending the rallies (it has no magic power over transmission of the virus) and they hope to have a totally unaccountable mail order election in Nov.
Since the body count was not stacking up as they hoped, and by this time, it was clear unhealthy elderly people were at the most risk, the D-rats started putting people sick with the virus in nursing homes for the sole purpose of raising the body count. Now to me, that is EVIL and criminal. At the same time, they prohibited the use of the treatment protocol of HCQ, zinc, Z-Pak that thousands of doctors around the world have successfully used to treat the virus with a 98% success rate. All to raise the body count to use as justification to continue the shredding of the constitution and hopefully, to force vote by mail with NO accountability.
And as for this crap about a second wave, well, every one of the millions of people who were exposed to it and had it over the holidays last year are not going to get it(the virus has been here at least since November). Thanks to the lies of WHO that initially downplayed the virus, I believe herd immunity was established while they were trying to run up a body count over the holidays last year. JMHO
The FAKE NEWS, aided by the D-rat embeds, have basically been pissing down our backs and telling us it’s raining. It should be clear to every thinking person that if there was indeed a highly communicable and lethal illness, we would NOT have to be told there was one; we would see it in person and see the results in the funeral homes and cemetarys, I haven’t, have you? But what I have seen is a great many people who had a strange type of flu over the holidays that was a bit harder to shake than normal but they used normal flu protocols and got over it without any big problems.
I hope the D-rat clown act with the SCAMdemic is shut down soon with consequences for the liars and in the case of those sending infected people into nursing homes while simultaneously blocking the treatment protocol that would save their lives, charged with MURDER!.
And for all these elected officials who are NOT doctors but are dictating treatment or blocking treatment, where are the indictments of practicing medicine without a license?

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*glissmeister responded a five comments down to FL GUY.