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Cuomo, Other Democrat Governors’ Coronavirus Nursing Home Policies Contradicted Federal Guidance (Causing death to thousands) – by MATTHEW BOYLE -Breitbart NewsBREAKING: More Biden Audio Tapes From Ukraine…Discussing Destroying Witnesses To Corruption, Planning Organized Crime Schemes…Detained Witness Alleges He Was Arrested And Poisoned While Traveling To US To Testify – CD MediaWhat Happens When the Madness Ends? by Victor Davis Hanson – American Greatness

  • Watch: Send this to ANYONE voting for the con artist Biden. This is just too funny, and sad that media and Dems want this in the White House. Can media keep this all quiet and elect this man anyway? Dark times are ahead if they can.   CLICK HERE
  • Breitbart News: At Least 100 Shot over Father’s Day Weekend in Democrat Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago  CLICK HERE
  • M.I.T. Technology Review: Virgin Galactic and NASA have launched a new program to train private astronauts  CLICK HERE
  • PC Mag: Elon Musk Schedules Tesla ‘Battery Day’ for Sept. 15  (The Million Mile Battery)  CLICK HERE
  • Right Journalism: BREAKING: 2nd CHAZ Shootout Caught On Video Last Night – Streamer Has Phone Stolen By Goon Demanding He Erase Evidence (Videos)  CLICK HERE

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