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Okay, finally got to get the laptop and do something here. Last night, first night in the bed….awesome! Though for a couple of hours starting out, I had a left leg that gave me severe pain. No matter what position, no matter where I placed pillows, my left leg was paining me. So finally I sat up on the edge of the bed and since that felt good, stayed like that until I decided to start moving my legs, and kicking them out as much as I could…looked funny, and I was starting to think maybe I should lay back down and not sit as long as I did. Did lay down and aw……no freaking pain from the left leg! So except for one time waking up again and getting wife to give me some pain medication, I slept pretty good.

Then one of the PT women dropped by. She had me try to sit in the wheelchair and it was okay. Then it was trying out various things with the wheelchair, and she told us that yes, I need a wheelchair more suited to my size and weight and foot problems. So somewhere down the line, people will show up to do all that and see how quick they can get a wheelchair that does work for me.

She did show us an extended shower chair and how to get one. And various additions to the toilet to raise it up to me. Well, daughters showed up and after some talking about the various options, and what to get and from where, they came up with a way to pay for everything. Seems in some medical program they are in they get every 3 months a credit a Walgreens to pay for medications and medical devices. And July 1st, is the day they get that credit. So they will order what I need from walgreens. So two weeks or so for all this stuff.

Then I had a nurse, male, come by for a wellness check and a mental check up. Interesting and he was a lot of help. Oh, I am mentally okay…hhahahahahha…Getting me application to have POLK country here accept me into their paratransit program, where they pick up and deliver me to my medical appointments. Plus a few other things he will help us out with next week.

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This is probably not going to make me too popular with Woke Nation, but I see that there’s a huge brouhaha arising from the decisions of various Woke officials to open up women’s sports to wannabe women (i.e. men who are “gender-confused” or similar).  Said brouhaha, of course, has to include the World’s Most Irritating Blowhard (Piers Morgan, no link because Morgan), who talks about “destroying women’s athletics” and similar.

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Quick, what’s the most famous American road that pops into your mind? What’s the first answer in your mind without thinking about it? Is it U.S. Highway 101 that takes you up the Pacific Coast? How about U.S. Highway 1 that goes from Maine to the Florida Keys? Could it be that interstate bypass that’s just as congested as the main highway on your daily commute (although nobody wants to think about that one)? If you’re an RVer, your answer may be U.S. Highway 66, also known as Route 66. There’s no other road that symbolizes America and its heritage than this iconic highway. We’ll show you the history under the pavement, how the Main Street of America gained fame throughout time, the innovations the Mother Road gave birth to, and who Route 66 calls “Papa.”

From Trails to Foundations

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Earlier today President Obama pulled the progressive tribes together and told them to support West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s manipulative deflection/amendment.  Manchin is trying to defend himself against West Virginia backlash by clouding the intent of Democrats to forever takeover federal and state elections.   Democrats want to codify permanent “mail-in ballots” into federal law to ensure they can duplicate the 2020 election outcome forever.

Using professional political parseltongue “Manchin said Tuesday afternoon that he would vote with the rest of the Democratic caucus to advance the bill. “I’ve found common ground with my Democratic colleagues on a new version of the bill that ensures our elections are fair, accessible and secure,” Manchin said in a statement.”