When you have a structured settlement

Days ago we noted the absurdity of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters defacing of all things Mahatma Gandhi’s statue outside the Indian Embassy in Washington D.C., which led to an apology by the US ambassador to India Ken Juster who condemned the “awful violence and vandalism” against ironically enough a historical icon of peaceful, non-violent resistance.

Well, the mob of the super-woke (and apparently historically illiterate) has struck again – this time in Parliament Square, London, where a large statue of Abraham Lincoln was subject to vandalism amid weekend George Floyd inspired protests.

My father founded our family pharmacy the year I was born, 1955. Originally, we were located near the White House until we moved to Upper Northwest Washington, D.C., right near the border of Maryland and the capital. We also expanded into groceries.

We’ve been doing business in this neighborhood for 55 years. Our customers are an international group and we have enjoyed knowing and seeing all our familiar customers, for so many years. We were here even when Washington, D.C., suffered from the 1968 riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. But it wasn’t until the current protests and riots that our family business was attacked and looted.

The night of Sunday, May 31, was a nightmare.

The 76th anniversary of D-Day prompted journalists and others to compare the Allied soldiers who stormed the Normandy beaches to defeat Nazi Germany to the black-masked anti-cop anarchists accused of wreaking havoc on U.S. cities.

“Friend points out on D-Day anniversary that the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy were the true and original antifa,” tweeted Washington Post reporter Paul Farhi.