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The upcoming release of Thor: Love and Thunder on July 8, 2022, continues the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s overarching storylines. Phase Four has primarily focused on the concept of multiversal variants, which was the central point of focus in multiple films and TV shows by now. To this end, many variants have been seen in leading and supporting roles.

Whether it’s someone emotional like Peter Parker or a cynical person like Sylvie, every variant has a unique personality. The zodiac signs give a clear indication of how a character’s mindset works, as these are split between the 12 months of the years to include multiple attributes. Fans can find themselves in these variants when a deeper look is taken using the zodiac signs.

Aries personalities are honest, self-assertive, optimistic, and brave. They are go-getters who are fierce in their pursuits and good organizers. Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker is ranked among the best Spider-Men, with the character taking on an older brother role among the three Peters during Spider-Man: No Way Home’s events.

He portrayed the Aries knack for optimism by assuring the MCU Peter that he would move on from Aunt May’s death and was honest about his relationship with MJ when relaying advice to Peter-Three. His bravery was without question when he was stabbed by the Green Goblin but assured his friends he would survive.

This version is considered among the best characters in the Loki series for staying true to his friends, which is something any variant of Loki wouldn’t do. People under the Taurus zodiac are dedicated, dependable, but also stubborn, which is how Classic Loki conducted himself.

He gave his life to provide the opportunity for Loki and Sylvie to meet He Who Remains, proving that he was dependable to the highest extent. Classic Loki’s stubbornness had earlier been seen when he refused to help the heroes, but the Taurus dedication ultimately came through.

Sylvie was indecisive, impulsive, charming, and clever, all of which are traits of a Gemini. People of this sign can change their emotional state based on a given situation, with Sylvie being the one to kill He Who Remains after initially keeping her cool compared to Loki.

Geminis are very protective of their feelings and fears and are notoriously difficult in revealing what they have in mind. Sylvie was something of a closed book that Loki wanted to open up. The character came across as an attractive charmer as many Geminis do, and one of the best Loki variants.

It’s interesting to rank Doctor Strange’s variants since they differ so much from one another, but Sinister Strange has some of Cancer’s characteristics. People from this sign are known to be very emotional and temperamental, but also extremely devoted to their loved ones.

Sinister Strange became evil due to his obsession with reuniting with Christine Palmer, which goes to show the Cancer-level of devotion he had toward his lover. He had the zodiac’s hyper-emotional trait as well, as Sinister Strange destroyed his universe in his quest to get Christine back.

Those born under the Leo sign are usually compassionate, conscious, and have leadership skills. The Earth-838 Professor X was the leader of the Illuminati and the one to drive the decisions of the group. He was also the only one to show mercy to Doctor Strange, depicting his compassion.

Leos are generally the people to get the most respect for their attributes and Professor X was clearly the member of the Illuminati who commanded the greatest authority. His compassion proved to be his downfall, as Scarlet Witch killed him while he tried to save her counterpart but Professor X’s action will be understandable to Leos.

Defender Strange wasn’t evil when he tried to claim America’s powers – he was being practical by taking the abilities that Scarlet Witch would’ve used for nefarious reasons. Virgos are a blend of sympathetic and practical, as these people want to help but are realistic about things.

Virgos tend to be stressed out quickly even though they are good thinkers. Similarly, Defender Strange had come up with the idea to evade Scarlet Witch’s monster but lost his bearings when he realized there was no other way out and reluctantly attempted to take America’s life force.

Libras are people with friendly demeanors who value peace, harmony, and maintaining a balance in their lives. Their charming nature gives them powers of persuasion that get people to do what they want. As He Who Remains ran the entire TVA in this manner, he’s a natural as a Libra.

He Who Remains wanted the Sacred Timeline to remain pure, having won a war against other Kang the Conquerer variants to ensure that the multiverse was balanced. He died only because he chose to, with Libras aware that they are generally the ones to make their own choices.

Captain Carter was shown to be selfless and determined, which goes along with Scorpio personalities’ similar attributes that also include being brave and honest. These people are great at keeping secrets and Peggy was a valuable spy during WWII.

Captain Carter’s selflessness saw her recruited among the Guardians of the Multiverse, where she fought Ultron’s threat to keep the entire multiverse safe. Scorpios are honest about their feelings, with Peggy letting it known that she wanted to be with Steve.

Sagittarius personalities place great importance on having their independence, wanting to do things on their terms in adventurous ways where they can take risks. Star-Lord T’Challa was a Ravager that didn’t follow the rules, becoming something of a Robin Hood figure in deep space.

T’Challa took such bold risks that he managed to get into Thanos’ inner circle and reformed the Mad Titan. Sagittarius people are known for their emotional intelligence and Star-Lord T’Challa certainly was in touch with his emotions, as everyone sought his advice.

Capricorns are practical, ambitious, and hardworking, who put their work before most things. They are goal-oriented people that can get lost in their rules. Mobius was a variant who was made to believe he was created by the TVA, going on to become a proficient agent.

Mobius was so dedicated to the TVA that he never thought of anything other than his job, which only changed after Loki revealed his variant status. Mobius remained hardworking throughout the series, having put in the time and effort to get the heroes’ mission fulfilled.

The Earth-838 variant of Scarlet Witch was calm and sensitive, along with being exceptionally kind and optimistic. These are the qualities of people from the Aquarius zodiac and they make great parents due to their positive characteristics.

Wanda placed her children first and foremost, with her kindness so great that she didn’t hold it against Scarlet Witch for trying to steal her body and her kids for herself. The Aquarius positivity of hers showed up when she claimed Scarlet Witch would find redemption despite all the evil actions she’d committed.

Those born under the Pisces sign are known for their graciousness and emotional awareness. They are the most sympathetic of zodiacs and want everyone to be happy. Peter Parker-Three’s emotional state came out when he admitted to his sadness at losing Gwen Stacy, which he shared to sympathize with the MCU Peter.

Peter-Three’s graciousness was seen when he instantly forgave Electro and helped him recover straight after the latter had tried to do away with him. Pisces personalities can be too touchy at times, but they only blame themselves – Peter-Three had to forgive himself for Gwen’s death even though it wasn’t his fault.

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Author: Saim Cheeda