White folks will riot

If you haven’t got a gun, GET ONE. NOW.

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Everybody’s pissed off about everything

And somehow, it’ll all be Trump’s fault, won’t it…

The visible protesters in the recent civil unrest are for the most part black whether they are  paid actors or not. Of course there are the anitfa pukes, basement dwellers, bull dykes, curiosity seekers, etc. This small number of minorities have managed to paralyze many of the nations largest cities inflicting massive collateral and psychological damage. Black folks make up less than thirteen percent of the population. Only a small percentage of those are raising hell today.  White folks represent approximately seventy percent of this country’s population. Over half of those are gun owners. If a small minority can wreak this type of havoc upon this country unchecked, imagine what a small fraction of white people can do when they finally get fed up with this Mickey Mouse bullshit. A lot of what Pastor Manning said during Barrack Hussein Osama’s administration a few years ago is still true today.  I am about to the point that I “ain’t going to take no more”. God Bless you Pastor Manning. 

Above was taken from The Feral Irishman