White House’s new message on COVID

The Long-Suffering Mother America Never Asked For………

I gotta say, I absolutely loathe when people play the Maternal card when it comes to the country.  Michelle Obama was famous for that.  Michelle saw herself as the self-described long-suffering mother of the American people — which probably explains why she obsessed over our meals.

Now, we didn’t ask Michelle to be our mother.  But Michelle didn’t let that stop her from taking on the role.

In fact, after Trump won in 2016, Michelle bemoaned the fact that America tossed aside the “good” parents in exchange for a “bad” parent.  Mommy Michelle was mighty peeved over it.

There’s something tremendously condescending about thinking the American people are nothing but wayward children in need of a firm hand. It also flies in the face of our founding principles of Individual Liberty and Sovereignty.

Then again, Mommy Michelle never let our founding principles get in the way of her mission to fundamentally transform us into her unwilling brood.

But Mom-Bama better watch her back; there’s a new self-described long-suffering mother America never asked for: CNN on-air personality S.E. Cupp.

To honor Independence Day, America’s newest long-suffering mother penned a scolding (but loving!) missive to her rebellious little scamps that is loaded with treacly drivel and condescension so thick, you could cut it with a knife – that is if Mommy Cupp thinks you can be trusted to hold a knife.


White House’s new message on COVID: We need to live with it, because we can’t keep shutting everything down

Substantively this is the right message. It’s the only rational thing the country can do at this point.

Conventional wisdom says it will be a very tough sell politically, although I think there’s a way to turn that upside down.

As it stands, the nation has been judging the wisdom of the anti-virus effort by whether cases, hospitalizations and deaths are going up or down. Down, we’re doing it right. Up, we’re doing it wrong. That’s the only measure. What we’re doing to the economy and to every other facet of people’s lives is not a consideration.

And thus far, everyone from the Trump Administration to every governor to corporate America and the media have embraced this standard. It’s given power-mad governors the right to restrict everything from gardening to singing in church. It’s destroyed tens of millions of jobs. It’s decimated sports and leisure activities.

But so far, just about no one who hopes to get votes for anything this year has been willing to say this whole thing has been a mistake. Apparently the Trump Administration, perhaps for want of an alternative, is prepared to be the first: