Why Ameerah Advises Evicted Big Brother Houseguests To Avoid Social Media

Ameerah Jones was blindsided when she was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house, and she is now advising her fellow eliminated houseguests to avoid social media when they exit the game. Although many of the evicted houseguests, including Paloma Aguilar (who self-evicted), Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, and Ameerah, acknowledge that they targeted their fellow contestant Taylor Hale in the game, they were shocked when they heard that people thought that they were personally bullying Taylor and directing micro-aggressions at her. Paloma has been particularly vocal in her denial that any of her actions toward Taylor were racially motivated, and she insists that they became good friends in the Big Brother house.

However, many Big Brother fans, including prominent alums such as Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier Prather, and Janelle Pierzina, beg to differ. They watched with anger as Taylor became more and more isolated in the house, but they rejoiced when The Leftovers alliance formed during Matt “Turner” Turner’s Head of Household (HOH) reign. The Leftovers is made up of Joseph Abdin, Michael Bruner, Kyle Capener, Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor, Turner, and Taylor. They aligned when Kyle realized that all of them were at the bottom tiers of their former alliances. They also came together to stop the bullying of Taylor. When the other houseguests pressured Turner to backdoor Taylor, he refused, and he and The Leftovers turned the house upside down and blindsided Ameerah instead.

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In an interview with CinemaBlend, Ameerah spoke about how she is struggling with the backlash she has received after leaving the house and advised her fellow evicted houseguests to avoid social media when they exit the house. After a week outside of the Big Brother house, Ameerah is now at a point at which she can better experience and understand the backlash from fans and former houseguests. She revealed that she has spoken with both Paloma and Pooch and said, “we all kind of need each other right now to work on our mental health and decompress and see where we went wrong and see what things that we’ve said. Kind of lean on each other for some type of group therapy. We’ve all said some ugly things in the house. We’re also kind of leaning on each other for help with that.”

When Ameerah first returned to the outside world after her eviction, she was unaware that people had been posting unflattering clips of both her and her Big Brother allies on social media. She said that when she found out what was being said, “It was absolutely a shock and I know it’s going to be a shock for the guests that are coming out tonight, next week, etc.” She explained that in the Big Brother house, people are in a completely different mindset, thinking only of themselves and their strategies in the game. She said, “Who I am in the house is not who I am on the outside.” Ameerah went on to say that all of the negative clips and tweets about her “caught me off guard” and, although she was hurt by it, she was also shocked because “you’re just living in a completely, completely, different world in there.”

As Nicole Layog leaves the house, she is certain to face backlash from Big Brother fans who think she is one of the worst villains to ever play the game, and not in a good way. Ameerah’s advice for Nicole is to “avoid social media for the first week or two outside the house.” She thinks that when Nicole does return to social media, she should “actually look at the clips of her where she is having her bad moments in the house and acknowledge that. Understanding why people are hurt by that, and then taking the necessary course to try and fix what she said that probably shouldn’t have been said.”

Ameerah’s advice to her fellow evicted Big Brother houseguests shows maturity because she is recommending that they take some time to reflect on their words and actions before they hear the opinions of the outside world. Rather than attempt to defend her actions in the game, she is taking accountability for the fact that she made some mistakes. Unlike Nicole, Ameerah’s television edit did not even air most of what angered viewers from the live feeds. Nicole was shown on national television berating Taylor alongside her Final 2 partner Daniel Durston. They will surely face even more backlash than Ameerah because of their actions. It must be very difficult when the houseguests return to the real world thinking that they are America’s favorites only to find out that the exact opposite is true, and that they are considered the villains of the season. The best course of action for them is to acknowledge their mistakes, apologize for them, try to learn from them, and, ultimately, move on.

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Author: Lorianne Palinkas