Will Deadpool 3 Include Wade’s Fiancée Vanessa? Morena Baccarin Responds

Deadpool star Morena Baccarin has shared an update about whether or not her character will be appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 3. She has so far appeared in both Deadpool movies as Vanessa, the love interest for Ryan Reynolds’ foul-mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson. Her potential return is somewhat complicated, because in spite of her accepting Deadpool’s proposal and wanting to start a family with him, she was killed at the beginning of Deadpool 2, driving most of the antihero’s emotional arc for the film. He did in fact travel back in time to rescue her, but this took place in Deadpool 2‘s mid-credits sequence, a questionably canonical space that also included Deadpool shooting Ryan Reynolds to prevent him from signing on to star in Green Lantern.

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Author: Brennan Klein