Words of wisdom

Dear young people,

Many—most of those looted, burned down, destroyed businesses will never return to those neighborhoods or those cities. The loss tax revenue will dictate that the public schools will lose funding, and the students will fall even further behind academically (in Chicago, 50% of Black boys in the public school system don’t even attend). The lost jobs mean that poverty, crime, gangs, and drug use will increase—and many more innocent people will die, especially children.

Again, it takes decades for communities to come back from this type of catastrophe. There are parts of Watts that never recovered from 1968.

As a result of all of this illegal and dangerous activity, there will be increased police presence on the streets, which means increased interaction with the people of the community. And some of those interactions will be deadly.

The riots have ensured that poor, high crime, violent, dangerous, heavily policed inner cities will continue for another generation. And the people who encouraged these disasters in the name of ‘justice’ couldn’t care less.

They live in the suburbs.

Pastor Dumisani Washington