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In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players can perform several actions to increase their Affinity with each Colony and receive associated bonuses. Various residents will become interactable upon liberating a Colony in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, allowing players to begin increasing the Affinity for that particular Colony. Increasing Affinity levels with all of the Colonies provides bonuses for the entire party, and these bonuses stack with one another if they are earned through different Colonies as well.

The open world map of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 provides players with plenty of opportunities to use the benefits they receive from increasing their Affinity level with a Colony. For example, one of the best benefits that the party can receive after building Colony Affinity is called Slow Digestion. Slow Digestion increases the time that the effects of eating meals last, allowing players to save on their resources from having to cook so frequently. Furthermore, the effect will stack to prolong the duration if this benefit is provided by multiple Colonies. Other benefits that are earned through increasing Colony Affinity include Speed Jogger and Item Retriever, which increase the party’s movement speed and ability to collect items, respectively.

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When a Colony is liberated, some of its NPCs will become available to speak with. Interacting with them and completing any newly assigned side quests will simultaneously allow players to level up fast in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with the XP they earn as they increase their Colony Affinity. Newly liberated Colonies provide players with new side quests whenever they interact with an NPC, as the character will be registered on the Affinity Chart. Each Colony has its own space on the Affinity Chart that allows players to monitor their Affinity levels and check which bonuses have been provided.

In addition to speaking with NPCs in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, one of the ways that players can raise their Affinity with a Colony is by listening to a conversation. The information gathered will then be discussed by the party at a Rest Stop, and a new quest for the Colony will begin shortly afterward. There are some quests that need to be completed for the Colonies themselves to increase Affinity and not just their residents.

Players can also increase their Colony Affinity in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 through Collectopedia Cards. Collectopedia Cards are gathering side quests that need to be completed for NPCs in various Colonies. These quests can sometimes be easier to finish than other side quests from NPCs and Colonies because players may have already picked up the items they would have needed to gather.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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Author: Kaleb Smith